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Turn love-life loneliness and frustration into
heart-thumping-passionate-I-got-your-back-no-matter-what-kinda LOVE

(yes, even when the world seems to be standing still)!


Join us on
November 5th, 12pm ET

Discover the 3 keys to feeling irresistible and attracting exactly what you want in love.

A free online workshop-style, Masterclass
to accelerate your path to that soul-stirring love
you’ve been dreaming of.

Choose a Time That Works For You:


“Just 4 months after working with Emily, I met an amazing man… 2 months later we moved in together, 2 months after that we started the wellness business of our dreams together… and 2 months after that, we got married!””

– Dorry, Colorado Springs, Age 38

Discover your magnetic feminine radiance and be amazed by the heads turning in your
direction, the amount of messages flooding your inbox, and the new horizon of possibilities for
deep connection.

Call in EXACTLY the love
you’ve been waiting for!

Does this sound like you?


• You’re a high-achieving woman who’s prioritized her career and is now starting to worry that maybe you waited too long. You feel like time is ticking, and if you don’t meet someone soon, you’ll be alone forever.


• You’re so done with longing for more after kinda-sortas and short-lived relationships that run hot and cold then fade away.


• You are tired of making excuses to friends + family about not having anyone special and are so ready for a high-quality man to declare to the world that you’re his one
and only.

NOW IS THE TIME… to transform your love story by unravelling the unconscious coding that’s blocking you from the truth of your lovable charm and unique beauty…. that’s totally irresistible.

When you (finally) see your brilliant light, the world around you can’t help but be drawn to it.

This upcoming masterclass will:

  • Uncover the 6 surprising blocks that are preventing you from calling in committed love.

  • Discover the 3 secrets to transform your Quest for Love into a fun, expansive adventure.

  • Learn how to embody the alluring vibration of magnetism, instantly.

PROVEN results


This is not your typical masterclass:

In this FREE workshop, you’ll get crystal-clear on:

  • Embodiment practices that amplify your attraction.

  • An accelerated path to magnify your radiance.

  • The three steps you can take today toward the love you truly deserve.

You’ll *love* this training if…

  • You’re ready to fall in deep love.

  • You want step-by-step guidance from a trusted expert on love + relationships.

  • You want a customized approach to  finding love that has worked for  hundreds of women.

Meet your guide Emily Pereira

Emily Pereira is a women’s love and relationship coach, critically acclaimed author, and Founder of The Sunrise Mountain Retreat and Wellness Center in Costa Rica.

Over the past 10 years, she’s had the honor of helping hundreds of women call in intimate, heart- thumping, passionate-I-got-your-back-no-matter-what-kinda LOVE, and build the family and lifestyle of their dreams.
Her one-of-a-kind blueprint combines science, spirituality and the highest feminine arts together to set women on the fast track to soulmate love.

Because of the unique format of this workshop-style masterclass, you will have taken a powerful first step in the direction of that love you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you so over the game and ready to be with the one that sees you, adores you and respects you? The one you can share your passion, your secrets and your life with?

Here’s to bringing more love into the world one heart at a time.

With Gratitude,