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TORI WASHINGTON, Spiritual Biz Strategist & Wealth Embodiment Guide, shares practices to overcome self-doubt so you can honor the Queen that you truly are.

DR. SHAUNA SHAPIRO, Author & Clinical Psychologist, shares a powerful mindset shift she employed that she credits for calling in the love of her life in her mid-40’s. And powerful rituals to help you love yourself.

DR. ERICA MATLUCK, Integrative Medicine & Holistic Coach + PAUL KUHN, Sound Practitioner, Teacher, & Intuitive Guide are partners in life, love, and business. It’s interesting to see how their love impacts their work and how their work impacts their love.

CAMEO GORE, Intuitive Success Coach + Speaker, shares an easy way to turn on your love frequency.

DR. NEETA BHUSHAN, Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur + AJIT NAWALKHA, Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach & Host of Evercoach – this conscious, power couple shares a surprising truth about what makes a woman wildly attractive, the secret that inspires committed devotion, why love languages are so important, and so, so much more!

RACHEL URB, Embodiment & Intimacy Coach + JOHANN URB, Spiritual Teacher and Coach teach you how to open the heart of even the most masculine alpha male.