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BRYAN REEVES, Men’s Life & Relationship Coach, invites us to use a certain type of needle to get our partners to surrender.

SHEILA KELLEY, Actress & Founder of S Factor, Author, Mother, and naughty provocateur (yes, that’s a thing you will learn all about in her interview), is a true revolutionary. She courageously shines a light for women who want to expand into the fullest expression of themselves, so at the end of your life, you can look back with absolutely zero regrets. AND: learn the secrets about why she and her hubby of 30 years can’t keep their hands off each other 😉

BRITT DEANDA + TARA SCHULENBERG, Founders of Elevate the Globe, share powerful kundalini rituals that will help you process old grief so that you can make space in your heart and mind for love.

JOANNE ENCARNACION, Relationship and Woman’s Life Coach shares the essential thing every woman must do to call in the kind of love you desire, a unique key that lifted her out of depression, and what polyamory is all about, and so much more…

DR. NURA MOWZOON, Relationship & Couple’s Coach, shares why most people go about dating in our culture is all wrong, and how to date so you call in aligned love.

GLORIA LATHAM, Kundalini Awakening Teacher, shares the secrets to creating a rock-solid 30-year partnership.

JESSIE DE LOWE, Manifestation Coach, Founder of How You Glow, and mindful mama of 2, flips the script on the ole’ green-eyed monster and teaches how jealousy can actually be used as a force to call in love … as well as many more surprising tips to manifest your dream partnership.

AARONA LEÁ PICHINSON, Author & Co-Creator of The Moon Deck shares a powerful ritual that will release you from the chains of the past, how to enter the infinite field of self-love and so, so much more.

DANIELLE ROBIN, Conscious Relationship Coach, teaches us to honor ourselves in a very intentional way, which brings more blessings of love and how to determine the role you’re playing in your relationship dynamic so you can come into greater harmony and passion.