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Best-Selling Author, Love Coach, and Creator of The Quest for Love Summit, delivers an inspiring keynote on how to alchemize heartbreak into personal power so you can call in truly aligned, loving partnership. By the end of this talk, you will feel super excited and hopeful about your Quest for Love and fully confident you’re exactly where you are supposed to be.

Sexual Wellness Coach shares how energetic love-making is fundamentally different than good ole’ fashioned sex, how we can use sexual energy for manifestation (sex-magic!), and so many more juicy insights!

Founder of The Awakened Feminine Mystery School shares how to be juicy, feminine, wild, and free in between relationships.

Love and Sexuality Coach & Jade Egg and Tantra Teacher, brings couples her brilliance on keeping long-term partnerships as hot as in the honeymoon phase of dating

Tarot Reader & Conscious Business Mentor, shows how you can use the power of Tarot as a compass for a life of love.

Health Coach & Yoga Teacher, shares powerful rituals for self-love, why difficult times are a springboard for beautiful expansion and more.

Founder & Creative Director, shares powerful ways to be connected and devoted while balancing big careers, family, and a global pandemic.

Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leaders – these conscious partners share life, love, family, and business. They talk about harnessing the masculine and feminine energies for increased polarity, the difference between self-love and self-respect, and much more.

LIBBY CROW, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Founder + SCOTT OLFORD, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor share the secrets to creating cosmic connection and what inspires committed devotion.