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MELISSA AMBROSINI, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and host of the popular Melissa Ambrosini Podcast, shares unique insights on what makes a woman wildly attractive, how to love yourself, what it takes to create a conscious partnership, and so, so much more!

ALEXI PANOS, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian + PRESTON SMILES, Author, Speaker & Master Coach talk about what REALLY makes a woman wildly attractive, how to deepen your cosmic connection, what it means to be in a conscious partnership, and more…

KIMBERLY SNYDER, Holistic Wellness, and Spiritual Teacher shares the eccentric ritual she embraced that helped her call in mind-blowing, soulmate love, how what you eat can impact your relationships, and so much more.

LAYLA MARTIN + ANDREW SIMPSON, Founders of the Biggest Tantra School in the US, lift the veil on what conscious partnership is all about, how conflict can be a portal to much deeper connection, how to call in your soulmate, and so much more…

CHRISTINE HASSLER, Master Life Coach + STEF SIFANDOS, Relational Alchemist, open up navigating single life in your 40’s when all your friends are getting married and starting families.

ALEXANDRA ROXO, Author of the AH-MAZING book, How to Fu*k like a Goddess, shares what it is REALLY about some women that makes them utterly magnetic to men and starships for other women.

TERRI COLE, Licensed Psychotherapist and Host of The Terri Cole Show, is the one to watch if you need better boundaries. Once you master this skill, your body will exhale, and you’ll naturally become more magnetic to the partner of your dreams.