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The Goddess Collective
Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported, and held by women who get it. Your place to grow, to heal, to laugh, and to feel. Your place to find your goddess tribe.

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Free partner meditation for building intimacy

There’s something unexpected and magical that occurs when we gaze into the eyes of our partner consciously. In those short moments, we offer them an incredible gift: of being seen, admired, and honored. Our mind and body begin showing us what areas within us still harbor discomfort or insecurity around being close, being vulnerable, or being seen fully. This potent and ancient practice helps us shed those layers of fear and bring those walls down, so we can be open to the greatest intimacy and connection possible. This meditation is designed to help you find a deeper appreciation for your partner, to enjoy and enliven the magic of your special bond.

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A Guide to Morning Practice
This guided meditation includes a heart-opening sequence of postures to get the blood flowing and the body moving. The intention is to cleanse the subconscious mind, tune up the nervous system, and attune to the highest inner Self. It will complete the practice as you initiate the day and take dominion over your life.

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The Art of Living Big is a 21-day journey to redesigning your business and life.

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Free 3-Day “Let’s Go & Flow” Yoga Video Series!

I approach holistic health from the standpoint that “Mind and Body” are integrated and inseparable. My mission is to provide valuable and insightful tools that help you improve your most important relationship (the one with yourself).

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